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Vortex Razor HD 20-60x85 Spotting Scope


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Mar 1, 2024
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I'm curious if anyone has purchased this spotting scope yet? It looks like it should compare to the Kowa 883 or 773 scopes. I have been trying to find a new spotter and so far nothing I've tried has wowed me over.

I have tried the Bushnell 15-45x60, Bushnell 20-60x80, and Nikon 25-75x82. The Bushnell 15-45 is great just not enough power for me. The Bushnell 20-60x80 was very disappointing. The Nikon is great and a keeper for the price if only it had a fine focus adjustment. The difference between 60x and 75x on the Nikon isn't enough to have this be a deciding factor.

I have an old Leupold 25x that has served me well but I'd like something with more power and a good value. So please don't tell me about your Swaro, Zeiss, Kowa, or Leica because these are all in the $2-3k range.


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Aug 14, 2010
MLK Boulevard
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Are you spotting game or target groups? I find my old Bushnell 15-45x to be fine for spotting shots at 100 yards. Not the clearest scope but the side focus is reasonable and it serves its purpose. For 300 yards the 60x will work for some but its going to be pushing it. Vortex makes great optics and for the price they are asking I assume thats going to be top shelf Japanese glass. For what its worth I have two pairs of Nikon binos and think that for spotting / game watching optics they are the best value for the money.
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Near Sighted Sniper

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Aug 1, 2000
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I’ve been wanting a new spotter for a few years now. I currently have a Kowa 663 with 20x, 30 x wide angle & 20x 60 eye pieces. I rarely use anything other than the 20x60. I like the Kowa enough to want another one but dam they are expensive!!! If I do bite the bullet, I’m gonna buy the TSN 99. The thing stopping me is I can only find the 40x wide angle eye piece & I don’t think that’s gonna be enough, maybe I’m being unrealistic but I really want a spotter that will allow me to see 223 holes @ 300 yards.
With all that said I’m seriously considering buying the Bullseye or Longshot wireless camera systems. The only reasons I haven’t yet is because #1 I’m a traditionalists & like the idea of having a quality spotting scope & #2 I’m worried that some @sshole shooting on the same range will think it’s funny to “accidentally “ shoot my camera. The world is chock full of @ssholes.